Why more Mumbaikars are embracing upcycled fashion


The need for sustainability has accelerated thrift shopping, and upcycled fashion isn’t far behind. With the conversation around ‘pre-loved’ clothing gaining momentum, three Mumbaikars who re-fashion old clothes share why and how they do it

Saved by the stitch: Why more Mumbaikars are embracing upcycled fashion

Misha Paul grew up seeing her mom upcycle old clothes and saris, and picked up the trick early on. Photo: Misha Paul

City-based communications professional Misha Paul has been wearing upcycled clothes since well before the word became popular. The concept was introduced to her by her mother, who has been cutting up and refashioning clothes for as long as she can remember. She explains, “I’ve grown up seeing my mom upcycle old clothes and saris into curtains, pillow covers, bedsheets etc.” In fact, Paul herself upcycled her first item very early on. “I couldn’t find a purple lehenga in my budget for a very close friend’s wedding. So, I took my sari to a tailor and told him exactly what I wanted and it turned out well,” she adds.


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