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Step inside Aahana Kumra’s Mumbai home with everything pink; walk-in wardrobe | Bollywood


Actor Aahana Kumra recently opened doors to her dream home in Mumbai which she had been manifesting for over 20 years. Aahana’s home quite confidently declares her love for pink and has also elements inspired by her Lucknowi roots, Mumbai life, and numerous travels to London, mixed with splashes of Kashmir and London. The house also has a walk-in wardrobe that is the envy of her friends. Also Read| Step inside Ishaan Khatter’s sea-facing Mumbai home with the most stunning views

Aahana Kumra started her tour to Architectural Digest India by opening the pink door to her apartment, noting that it wouldn’t have been difficult to find the home given it’s the only one with a distinct pink color door in the entire building. She gave a disclaimer, “I love pink. It’s my favorite colour. And that’s why it’s right in the beginning.”

Aahana said she is very proud of her home, which she manifested for over 20 years. Designed by Shireen Mahna, the dining area of ​​the home featured a pastel green wall that featured portraits of her and her family. A salmon couch was the focus of the living room area, and the wall behind it carried a painting of iconic actor Audrey Hepburn, someone who Aahana resonates with.

Aahana revealed that she spent most of her time on her balcony, where she reads scripts and also works on her own. Her friends also flock to the balcony and enjoy her little home bar. Aahana noted her bedroom is all about her love for the pink colour, and is the envy of her female friends. She said, “Everything in this room is pink and I love it. I’ve so many of my girlfriends who walk into my room and are like ‘oh my god, we want a pink room’ and I’m like ‘blah, you are married. You can’t have a pink color room.’ The room also has a pink wall that carries four framed pictures of Aahana from her acting projects– Lipstick Under My Burkha, The Accidental Prime Minister, Call My Agent: Bollywood, and Khuda Haafiz.

Aahana saved her ‘showstopper room,’ her walk-in wardrobe, for the end of the tour. She revealed it to be the room that she has manifested for the longest time in her life. With large round mirrors, and a fluffy pink chair, the room has ample storage space that allows the actor to be a ‘hoarder.’ She also said, “I always thought my girlfriends are going to love this room. But guess what, when my guy friends walk into this room, they all look at it and they’re like ‘we all want a walk-in wardrobe. ‘ So I think I’ve done something right.”


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