Kangana Ranaut Told Emergency’s International Make-up Artist “In India People Believe I’m The Perfect Person To Play Indira Gandhi”


Kangana Ranaut: Oscar-Winning Make-Up Artist David Malinowski Said I Resemble Mrs Gandhi A Lot, Discusses It Takes 4 Hrs To Transform To Her
Kangana Ranaut: Oscar-Winning Make-Up Artist David Malinowski Said I Resemble Mrs Gandhi A Lot (Pic Credit: Instagram)

There is a consensus on Kangana Ranaut playing the role of Mrs Indira Gandhi in her next – Emergency. The superstar is in top form as she effortlessly slips into the role, nailing her look in the film’s first look revealed yesterday.

For her look as the former Prime Minister of India, the team roped in Oscar-award-winning makeup artist, David Malinowski for work. Crediting him completely for her look, Ranaut tells in an interview with a leading daily “David Malinowski is the brain behind the transformation. We had a series of meetings to ascertain the final look. He did a bunch of look tests. In fact he pointed out that I have a lot of physical resemblance with Mrs Gandhi, including head texture, skin texture as well as jawline. I told him that in India people believe I am the perfect person to play Mrs Gandhi.”

Staying true to her quality of giving her all to every part she plays, the actress once again was thorough with the look she had to nail for the film. She tells us that donning the look every day took 4 hours. Kangana adds, “David believes that the time to perfect the look will come down as we set the look in the days to come.” Needless to say, her prep is reminiscent of how she soaked herself in the part of Jayalalitha for Thalaivii. The actress has a penchant for playing parts of characters with historical significance, bringing to screen the desired gusto and energy for these roles.

For Emergency, the actress has a dual role of being an actor as well as a director. Nailing the look is the first leg of a long journey ahead. Armed with special prep and research to the tee, the actress says, “We took our time to decide on make up and prosthetics. The hair was crucial. He completely took over and took the calls on how to go about it. David and his team are astute professionals. An entire team has flown down from London. We are privileged to have the best in the world do this for us. The response for the look is marvelous. Everybody believes this is spectacular. Now the shooting has commenced and I am ecstatic that something I have always wanted to do – solo directorial – is happening. This is my passion project and I am elated to be doing this now.”

In the first look of Kangana Ranaut as Indira Gandhi released yesterday, the Queen actress nail the part to perfection. Kangana’s prosthetics, the wardrobe and the demeanour are all reminiscent of the late Prime Minister.

Emergency, as the title suggests, is all about the state of internal emergency declared by Indira Gandhi on June 25, 1975. It lasted till March 21, 1977, when the Janata Party was voted to power in a historic election.

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