I prayed that I don’t break down on my birthday


The singer who celebrated his birthday on Friday, caught up with mid-day.com

Watch video! Armaan Malik: I prayed that I don’t break down on my birthday

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Armaan Malik who turned 27 on Friday, caught up for an exclusive chat with mid-day.com. The singer released his latest track Tu/You on Spotify besides spending the day with fans and friends.

Speaking about his birthday, Armaan told mid-day.com, “I just prayed that I don’t break down on my birthday. Usually on birthdays you experience varying degrees of emotions! I just wanted to be relaxed and enjoy. Usually on my birthdays I’m more worried about other people than me but today I’m very relaxed. The day is about me! Whenever it’s time for my birthday I think ‘jaldi se khatam ho jaaye and I want to go back to non-birthday days. Off late in the past few years I’ve begun to enjoy my birthday and I’m liking it now.”

Opening up about his latest track ‘Tu/You’ he said, “You is a song I had released earlier this year and it’s an out and out love ballad. I had not done a proper romantic song in English because everyone knows me for romantic songs and I wanted to break away from that and do something different. Ultimately you have to give what the audience is craving for, that’s when I released ‘You.’ It’s been my most successful English release so far. We hope to evelate that and bring it closer to my home audience, which is why we released ‘Tu’ the Hindi version of ‘You.’ It’s not a literal translation but it’s got the same essence and feels of the original track.”

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