How to protect skin, hair and nails this festival


Holi is a day filled with joy, but if dread seeps in the second you think about playing with colours, we’ve got you covered. Experts share effective tips which will take away all your worries

The complete Holi care guide: How to protect your skin, hair and nails during the festival of colours

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A fun day to celebrate with your friends and family, Holi is a festival loved by many across the nation. While the traditions and scale might differ, many indulge in a bit of colour play, and every household has their own rituals to prepare for the onslaught of bright powders and paints—including getting everyone to vigorously oil their face and hair. Although it brings a lot of fun, smearing each other with dry and wet colours can also damage your skin and especially your hair as non-organic colours include chemicals. “Skincare is as essential as indulging in preparing sweets during the festival,” says Asha Hariharan, education director at Enrich.


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