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BTS ARMY upset with Indian teacher for threatening student for being fan of band


BTS fans aka ARMY have criticized a teacher in India after he allegedly threatened a fan of the group during his class. A private tutor named Siddhartha Misra allegedly ‘threatened’ a student after finding out about her interest in BTS. A video from his class is doing rounds on Twitter. (Also read: BTS’ V recalls time when he felt ‘lost’,

It all began after a student mentioned BTS during a live class. In a video from the class, the teacher is heard saying, “Hey, hey BTS fan,” while talking to the fan. The teacher continued, “If you don’t have food in your home, BTS won’t come to cook for you. Just heard songs of the guys who put on lipsticks and dance to the songs. You all become happy just by listening to their songs.”

“Let’s see BTS ARMY today. There’s no use in studying when you are a BTS fan,” he said. He further talked about fans discussing BTS in the middle of his class and sarcastically called them ‘cool.’ “If you weren’t a girl, I would’ve grabbed your collar and slapped you. Your cheeks would’ve been swollen so much that you wouldn’t be able to say ‘BTS’…I would’ve punched you so hard your nose would start bleeding,” he also said in the video.

Reacting to the video, a fan wrote in a tweet, “This is absolutely disgusting. A teacher publicly thre8tening to physically assau!ta student just because she is a BTS ARMY.” “This is so disgusting. I’m going to throw up. I fear for this student’s mental and physical well being,” added another fan. “My sister was taking the same class, she told me this thing, the way he reacted is absolutely disgusting. But what actually happened was, a girl wrote who’s bts army here, in live comment section which was meant for questions and doubts only, everyone started commenting,” claimed someone else on Twitter.

BTS is a Korean bond t comprises of Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook . The group is one of the most popular and highest-selling musical acts in the world right now, and have a huge following in India as well. In 2013, BTS debuted under Big hit Entertainment and delivered hit tracks like Butter, Dynamite, DNA, Blood Sweat & Tears and much more.


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