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Anupamaa recap: Barkha accuses Anupamaa of having a soft corner for Vanraj


Anupamaa written update August 16: Barkha is trying to take over Anuj’s company and plots against Anupamaa. She accused Anupamaa for having a soft corner for Vanraj.

The latest episode of Anupamaa is going to bring both good news and bad news for Anupamaa. On one hand, Anuj will regain consciousness after the surgery; on the other, Barkha will throw grave allegations on Vanraj and Anupamaa. Read this article to know more. Also Read: Anupamaa written update August 15: Barkha plans to take over Anuj’s business as his health worsens

Barkha decides to file a complaint against Vanraj

In the previous episode, we saw Barkha plotting to take over Anuj’s company while he is in a coma. In this episode, she puts up an act to be worried about Anuj. She attacks Vanraj and the Shah family for causing this accident. She even decides to call the police to investigate this matter. Kavya tries to make her understand that she saw everything and there is no need to investigate further. Barkha doesn’t listen to her and in fact, accuses Vanraj of pushing Anuj off the cliff. Leela and Toshu get angry at this allegation. Soon after, a fight breaks out between the two families. Anupamaa stops them and gets furious at them for making a scene in the hospital premises.

Instead of listening to her, Barkha accuses Anupamaa herself of having a soft corner for Vanraj and still trying to protect him. Anupamaa is devastated to hear such questions about her character. She gives Barkha a befitting reply but Barkha is not going to stop. Her true colors are out and she is now not going to respect any boundaries between her family. She doesn’t stop arguing with the Shahs over who is to blame and even includes Anupamaa in the list. Keep reading HT highlights to find out if Barkha will be able to execute her plan or will Anuj wake up, to tell the truth.

Anuj wakes up

While the altercation continues, Anupamaa receives a shocking call. She runs to Anuj’s room and sees some movement in his body. The doctor has informed her that his condition is improving, but he is still serious. Anupamaa gets emotional and tells him all about his distress. He also plays the videos little Anu sent for Anuj. Soon after Anuj starts gaining consciousness and Anupamaa’s happiness is beyond all bounds. Anuj gets up and calls for Anupamaa. They share a loving moment together while Barkha feels upset. She is worried that her plan of taking over the company will fail if Anuj gets better so early. Anuj greets everyone outside his room and the doctors feel comfortable that his vital elements are all getting normal now. However, Anupamaa’s struggle has not ended yet; more on this in the upcoming episodes.

Read the next written update on HT highlights to find out what Anupamaa will say to Vanraj when he tries to express his remorse over the accident. Will she forgive him or will she send him to jail? Stay tuned to know more.


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