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Aneri Vajani recalls reading about someone replacing her in a show: I cried so much


In a conversation with us Anupamaa actor Aneri Vajani recalls auditioning for the popular Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. She also narrates another incident where she read about another actor replacing her in a TV show.

Aneri Vajani was just 19, when casting director Dimpy Sinha spotted her on Facebook and asked her to “test” for a part. The show Vajani auditioned for was Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (2012), which she didn’t end up doing. “I didn’t get it,” Vajani recalls, adding, “Then they called me again for another show. (But) I didn’t want to struggle. The second time when Dimpy called me, I told her that. I was like I don’t want to stand in line and get rejected, it’s not my cup of tea. I will do it my way. Her reply was, ‘Do you know what struggle is?'” It was that call where Sinha saw a character in Vajani, which she “cracked” in the audition and bagged her debut TV show Kali (2012).

It’s been a decade since Vajani has been in the industry, however, her repertoire includes a handful of projects. The actor claims she aims for “quality over quantity”. Vajani explains, “I’m very choosy when it comes to picking up something. I don’t want to choose something half-heartedly and not get a good sleep in the night. That sukoon ki need is very important for me.”

In the course of picking something interesting, Vajani had to let go of several shows that didn’t resonate with her. The idea of ​​’Oh, I probably should have done it’, does cross her mind. “It happens to me time and again. (But) When I watch the show after the 5th episode I feel like accha hua nahi hua,” she mentions.

She reminisces about “a big show on a big channel” which didn’t materialise leaving her perturbed. “I did the mock shoot and gave the look test. I was supposed to sign the contract on March 25, a day before my birthday. It was a different show and I left another show in that process. I kept waiting (for their call) and then I called them asking what was happening. I waited (even on) my birthday for it. (Eventually) I cried so much because I read that somebody else was doing it. I really wanted to do it. The promos were outstanding, then the show came on air and I was like God knows what is the best for you,” she recalls.

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